Advising and financing of Social Startups

In FFM: Das social impact lab für Sozialunternehmen


Social Impact Finance combines all those programs that Social Impact has initiated with different partners to improve the finance conditions for social startups.

Social entrepreneurship has gained considerably in significance in the last few years. In spite of that, both the conditions for the development and foundation of social enterprises and for the spread of social innovation are still not ideal. Many social enterprises fail already in the foundation phase because potential founders do not have the professional and financial knowledge and get no access to any funding. Unlike the extensive offers for sponsorship of conventional businesspeople, as the profit orientation is missing, there are no, or very few, benefits that prospective social entrepreneurs can draw on. Social Impact is currently developing a differentiated range of services within its Social Impact Finance program, to close the gaps in financial support for social startups and build bridges between social startups and sponsors. The Social Impact Finance Service Program currently focuses on two areas:

  • Crowdfunding

    The substance of this program, which has been initiated with the support of the Deutsche Bank Foundation, is to qualify social startups for the preparation and implementation of crowd funding campaigns.


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  • Ready for Finance

    The purpose of this qualification program for social entrepreneurs is systematic consultancy and guidance of social startups by Deutsche Bank employees, with the objective of facilitating access to start-up capital.


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Social Impact Finance is a Social Impact Initiative.

In cooperation with Crowdcamp, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Europäische Union, iq consult und Startnext.