Crowd funding is a promising form of finance that can close an important gap in the early funding phase, especially for backing requirements of up to 50,000 Euros. Together with various different cooperation partners, Social Impact has developed a a qualification process that supports social startups in the planning and implementation of crowd funding campaigns. Over 20 campaigns for social startups have to date been realised this way and, consequentl, funding of over half a million Euro has been made possible.


  • Social Impact Finance - The Crowdfunding Manual

    The Crowd Funding Manual developed by Social Impact provides a first general view of the subject.

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  • Social Impact Finance - Crowdcamp

    Social Impact Finance Crowdcamp is an eLearning platform on the subject of crowd funding, set up in cooperation with Crowdcamp.

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  • Social Impact Finance -   Startnext

    Social Impact Finance Startnext is the first crowd funding platform for Social Startups, set up in cooperation with Startnext.

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  • Cadus - redefine global solidarity

    EUR 34,331 from 415 supporters

    CADUS - redefine global solidarity (formerly PHNX) is an independent aid organization, currently active in Rojava, North Syria. CADUS initiates sustainable projects in cooperation with the people on the spot. They are currently building a mobile clinic, instructing medical assistance personnel, working in the refugee camps and setting up a psychosocial center in Kobane.


    EUR 26,826 from 532 supporters

    RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH wants to be the first restaurant to open in Berlin that is against wasting food. Food is cooked there that would otherwise land up in the garbage, even though it is still fresh and palatable. This includes vegetables that do not meet cosmetic trade standards as well as products from inventory clearances or with damaged packaging. 

  • Gemüseackerdemie

    EUR 33,730 from 256 supporters

    The Gemüseackerdemie is a school based education and competence scheme about vegetables. Pupils at school learn basic agricultural knowledge and develop an understanding of natural growth processes on the basis of the production and marketing of vegetables.

Social Impact Finance Crowdfunding is a project by Social Impact. Sponsored by Deutsche Bank Stiftung. In cooperation with Crowdcamp and Startnext.